Buying homes in South Florida

Buying a home is a huge decision, and is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you’ll make throughout your life. It may seem a bit overwhelming especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, but with a solid strategy, smart decision making, and some patience, there’s really no reason to be intimidated.

If you’re thinking about buying a property in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Hillsboro, or other areas in South Florida, here are a few handy tips that can help you out:

Luxury Homes, Oceanfront Homes, and Waterfront Properties

  • Consider your long-term goals. How will your purchase impact the big picture? Always consider your long-term goals, and see how buying a new home can affect your plans. Putting things into perspective will serve as a guide that can help you throughout the entire buying process.
  • Hire a real estate agent who’s experienced and trustworthy. Buying a luxury, oceanfront, or waterfront property is a big investment, so you’ll need someone who will represent your best interests during negotiations. Having an experienced agent who has extensive knowledge of the area at your side is a step towards the right direction.
  • Create a list of your must-have features. Searching for the ideal luxury oceanfront property might be a bit overwhelming for some, because they usually have with all sorts of features. What you need to do is list down the features that appeal to you the most, and arrange the items from “most important” to “least important.” This list will serve as a guide, helping you narrow down your search for the perfect home.
  • Scout the neighborhood. Your search for the perfect home doesn’t just involve the property itself. Do some research about the neighborhood, find out what’s nearby, and see if the area will fit your type of lifestyle. You can go online, ask potential neighbors, and drive around during different times of the day in order to get a better feel of the area.
  • Consider each step carefully before proceeding. Buying a property can turn out to be a lengthy process that can take several months or more. Be prepared to go through a lot of back and forth negotiations. Always remember that no one’s rushing you – take all the time you need when you’re faced with a major decision, and consider each step before you proceed. Remember to always consult your agent whenever you encounter a roadblock.

New Construction and Luxury Condos

South Florida has a world-class selection of luxury condominiums to choose from, such as Paramount, Auberge, Riva, The Palms, L’Hermitage, Jackson Tower, or Gale.

Here are a few handy tips that can help as you search for a condo:

  • Take a look at the amenities. One of the great benefits of living in a condo is getting to enjoy the different community amenities. Be sure to compare the different amenities offered by each condo, and decide which ones will enhance your family’s satisfaction and long-term happiness.
  • Be sure to read the condo documents carefully. A homeowner’s association usually governs a condominium. In most cases, an association requires residents to sign legal documents that stipulate how the common areas and the property can be used, as well as what the legal responsibilities residents have to the association. It is very important that you take your time and read through these documents carefully, before being bound by contract.
  • Know more about a condo’s past, present, and proposed special assessments. Find out if there will be major projects concerning maintenance or community development scheduled within the year. Seeing how a homeowner’s association handles the community’s finances will show you how well the condo is managed.