What’s in your Realtors Pocket?

What is a pocket listing?

Have you considered selling your home but the thought of looky-loo’s wandering through your bedroom or checking the grout in your bathtub sends you into a full on body shiver?  Selling your home and opening it up for the public inevitable means staging it too! Staging, that daunting task of removing any personal items including pictures is not on your calendar for the next several Saturdays.  Remember that time when you saw movers parked in front of your neighbors’ home?  You didn’t even know their house for sale!  They didn’t have a real estate sign up in the yard, how did they sell it?  Welcome to the world of the pocket listing.

Pocket listings are a valuable way to sell a home used by agents who heavily work one particular neighborhood or area.  Real Estate Agents protect sellers who quietly want to sell their homes without the usual stream of traffic.  The house is not always put into the MLS system, there will be no signage placed anywhere on the property and word of mouth by the agent is usually the only advertisement.  Sellers who choose this option are usually not in a hurry to sell and would prefer to only have qualified serious buyers walking through their homes.  Homes in the most desired neighborhoods and locations do well as pocket listings when inventory is low.

If you are a buyer and you have been searching in a  particularly “hot” neighborhood sometimes inventory can seem limited.  Contacting a neighborhood agent is a good place to start when looking for listings that might not be on the MLS systems.  Agents who live in a neighborhood will have friends and neighbors willing to sell and that have their homes with them as pocket listings.  If you are visiting open houses in the area ask every agent that you meet.  You might uncover a great property.

If you are considering selling your home and think a pocket listing might be the right option for you contact your favorite Realtor today.

What's in your Realtor's pocket?  Pocket Listings

What’s in your Realtor’s pocket? Pocket Listings